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With 4GB of RAM, this laptop offers decent multitasking capability, letting you run multiple apps at the same time without lags. The 64GB storage capacity might be enough for basic tasks, but it might be a bit limited for keeping large amounts of files, photos or videos.

You can consider using external or cloud-based storage solutions to increase available space if needed.

Microsoft’s Surface line is renowned for its sleek design and portability, making it a popular choice for professionals and students who need a lightweight laptop that’s easily portable.

For a more accurate description and detailed information on a specific laptop model, I recommend providing the full product name or checking the official Microsoft or electronics retailer website for the exact specifications of the model you are looking for.

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-Storage capacity: 64GB SSD

-Touchscreen: no

- I5-10GEN


- Color: platinum

-Wireless connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth


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